Changing Supplier Guide

Step 1

Download your company data and create multiple backups.

See our guide to Downloading Your Data for details.

Your data will be downloaded in a CSV file format which you can save for future reference, you should be able to use the data in this file to help speed up your transfer to a new provider.

Tip: Take multiple copies of your data, always keep a clean copy in 2 locations (keep one copy saved on your device and the other copy on a cloud storage account). If you want to manipulate the data contained in one of these CSV files we recommend taking a working copy of the clean data files prior to making any changes.

Step 2

Choosing your new service provider. 

We appreciate how frustrating it is to move to a new service provider. Not only do you have to transfer your data but also wrap your head around new functionalities and ways of working. It’s important that you choose a provider who is going to offer you the best levels of service for the most competitive price. We have put together a list of key questions you should ask yourself when looking for a new software provider.  

  1. What is the core functionality I need to operate my business? Why are these features important to you?

  2. Do I need an industry specific piece of software to get this functionality into my business, or are there alternatives to these providers that can meet my requirements?

  3. Will I require support in the future? What is the standard of customer support like with the new provider, is there a set up service you can take advantage of using to test this out? 

  4. How and when will you transfer to the new supplier? It’s best to set a date for the transfer to give you, your team and customers a clear date to work towards.

  5. What is your budgeted cost for this service in your business? Will you be able to continue paying for this service in the future or work with the supplier if you have any issues. 

Step 3

Organise a sales call, to request system demonstration and/or sign up for free trial. 

Tip: Make sure you make a note of your trial end date in your diary, this is important if you are testing out multiple providers who automatically bill you at the end of your trial period. We also recommend staggering trials to give you the best opportunity to test out the various systems and decide which is the best fit for your business 

Step 4

Set a ‘go live’ date for your transfer.

You might want to set this up well in advance of restarting lessons so you can ensure the system is set up exactly how you want to use it prior to launching it to your team and customer base. 

Step 5

Set a 3 month review date after you’ve launched the new system to review the effectiveness of your set up. 

Tip: You should set up KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of your business and the systems you use. 

Shortlist of Alternative Suppliers 

Non-Industry Specific 

  • GSuite (Google Apps) - Calendar, Email, Documents, Spreadsheets - Free to £10pppm

  • Pipedrive - Sales, Marketing, Support & 3rd Party Integrations - £10pppm

  • Hubspot - Sales, Marketing and Support & 3rd party integrations - Free to £10pppm

  • Acuity Scheduling - Powerful booking tool for teams big and small Free - £50pm
  • Better business protection, you will benefit from continuous updates and security enhancements on a regular basis.

  • More integrations with other software providers that you might use in your business, offering greater flexibility in the core product to suit your business needs.

  • Cheaper than most industry specific service providers, with additional features like sales and marketing tools included in most packages.

  • Due to the software's generic nature, there will be a lot of set up requirements to get the system up and running, on the plus side most larger companies offer support for free.

  • Less personable service due to the size of the organisations

  • , you will be working with teams around the world Trying to get a dedicated account manager is a hard task but well worth it in the long run.

  • Customer feedback for improvements takes a very long time to get implemented. Development timelines for these products are planned years in advance.

Industry Specific Service Providers*

*This is not an exhaustive list but it is a good starting point, please remember to do your own research and due diligence. We cannot be held responsible for any poor levels of service or quality you might receive from any of the industry specific suppliers, we have not used their services and therefore cannot make any recommendations.