Cancelling a Lesson

Note: Your school may have disabled the cancellation of lessons within DSO. If so you will not be able to access the lesson cancellation actions. In this case please contact your driving school to cancel your lesson.

If you need to cancel your lesson, you can do this via your My Lessons page. For more information on how to use this page see How to View My Lesson History?.

The 'Cancel Lesson' action is accessible from rows for non-cancelled lessons. A popup will allow you to optionally enter any notes for your instructor and cancel the lesson.

Cancel Lesson - Desktop

Cancel Lesson - Desktop

Note: You may be unable to cancel your lesson if your instructor has set a minimum notice period for cancellations. This period is typically between 24 and 48 hours before the requested lesson start time.

The lesson will then be shown in your 'My Lessons' list as cancelled.