Google Calendar

Once your diary is linked you can take full advantage of the integration options provided by Google Calendar, such as synchronisation with calendar apps on Android & Apple devices. See Google Calendar Help for more information.

You will need either a personal Google or business G-Suite account to continue.


A new browser tab (or window depending on your browser preferences) will open and direct you to an address starting with '': 

Log In to Your Google Account
Google Calendar Authorisation - Step 1

Google Calendar Authorisation - Step 1

You will be asked to sign in to your Google account. If you are already signed in to one or more Google accounts within your browser you will have the option to select your account from a list.

Make sure you are signing in to the account which owns or has full read/write permission for the calendar you wish to link with.

Once you have signed in to your Google account you will be taken to the second step:

Authorise Driving School Office to Access Your Calendars
Google Calendar Authorisation - Step 2

Google Calendar Authorisation - Step 2

You are then presenting with an authorisation question where you be asked if you wish to give permission to manage your calendar. You must select 'ALLOW' to continue. If you select cancel or close the browser tab the process will fail and you will have to start again.

At this point you are unable to select which calendar you wish to sync with, this will come in the next step.

Once you have given permission the browser tab will close and the settings popup will update:

Choose a Calendar & Save
Calendar Link Authorised - Not Saved.

Calendar Link Authorised - Not Saved

If you have multiple calendars you can select which calendar you wish to synchronise with from the drop down.

All that remains is to use the 'Save' button to apply your settings changes and perform the first synchronisation. If the initial synchronisation fails the popup will remain open, your settings will not be saved and an error message will be shown.

See Google Calendar Help for more information about common problems.

From now on any changes to lesson bookings and personal appointments will be synchronised with your external calendar.