Recording Progress After a Lesson

To access this feature choose the 'View & Record Pupil Progress' option from the quick view of the booked lesson you want to record progress against. You can also access this feature from the 'Pupil Progress' tab within a lesson booking.  For help accessing the diary quick view see Changing & Updating Lessons - Recording Progress.

The layout of the popup is different for the Desktop & Mobile interfaces, but the functionality remains the same.

Step 1 - Marking Progress 

Step 1 - Marking Progress - Desktop

Step 1 - Marking Progress - Desktop

  1. Progress Legend - Use the legend to determine what level of competence your pupil has demonstrated on that lesson for each progress topic. 
  2. Search Progress Topics - Use the search bar to quickly find the progress topic you are looking for, deleting your search entry will return all progress items in the list view. 
  3. Progress Topic Items - A default list of all DVSA recommended progress topics if you would like to add your own progress items please see Customising Progress Items 
  4. Previous Competency Rating - Blue stars depict the last awarded competency level your pupils achieved for that progress topic.    
  5. Current Competency Rating - Green stars depict the current competency level you are awarding the pupil on each progress topic. If you want to clear the current competency rating, use the quick clear function to reset the progress topic back to the original state (the quick clear is the icon before the first star rating).  
  6. Not Covered Progress Topic - When no blue or green stars are depicted on the progress topic this means that this subject has not been covered during the lesson. 

Step 2 - Recording Lesson Conditions 

instructor diary recordprgressdruid step2 annotated

Step 2 - Recording Lesson Conditions

  1. Recording Lesson Mileage - You can record the number of miles or kilometres you covered during the lesson by entering a value in the top field. 
  2. Recording Lesson Conditions - Select the conditions that the pupil handled during their lesson by toggling the relevant options.
  3. Irrelevant Lesson Conditions - Leave any uncovered lesson conditions with the toggle option off to not record this option for the lesson.    

Step 3 - Writing Lesson Notes 

instructor diary recordprgressdruid step3 annotated

Step 3 - Making Lesson Notes

  1. Private Lesson Notes - You can insert your own private comments about the lesson in this field. You can access these notes by visiting the 'Pupil Progress' tab in the lesson booking popup.
  2. Pupil Notes - You can insert your own comments in this field that will be accessible by the pupil.. 
  3. Requesting Pupil Feedback - If you would like your pupils to review their lesson toggle the option to send them a link. See Requesting Feedback from Pupils for details. 

Requesting Feedback from Pupils

When requesting feedback from a pupil, your pupil will receive a notification inviting them to review their lesson, once the pupil has completed their review you will be notified. 

You can manage lesson reviews from the pupil progress summary. See Progress Summary - Reviews for further details. 

If you would like to see how feedback requests are shown to the pupil see our Pupil Documentation