Using the Audit Log

This feature is only available to School Admin users.

To view a timeline of activity related to your school, you can select the ‘Audit Log’ item from the menu:

This will take you through to the audit log timeline:

Audit Log

View a timeline of activity related to your school.

The log currently includes:

  • Lesson Bookings (Normal & from Lesson Requests)
  • Lesson Changes
  • Lesson Cancellations
  • Cover Changes
  • Lesson Request Withdrawals by the Pupil
  • Payments (Lesson, Block/Course & Charge)
  • Pupil Creation & Assignment
  • Emails Sent to the Pupil

The audit timeline for a typical member of staff may appear as follows:

The layout of the timeline is nearly identical for the Desktop & Mobile interfaces and the functionality remains the same.

School Audit Log Example - Desktop

School Audit Log Example - Desktop

  1. You can change the date range for which log entries are shown using the date filters. Changing this will automatically update the timeline. The "Preset Periods" button shows a popup allowing selection of common date ranges, such as "Last Month" and "This Week". 
  2. Filter view by staff member

The log supports 'infinite scrolling'. That is it will load 20 log entries at a time, with older entries being loaded as you scroll down the page. Once there are no more log entries it will stop. You can tell if there is more data available by the presence of the 'Scroll down to load more data'  text below the oldest entry.

To view more details about a log entry click/tap the entry. The appropriate popup will be shown depending on the type of the entry.

If you are viewing the log for a specific staff member the log will include entries for changes made by other users in relation to that specific staff member, e.g. changes made by school administrators, office admins, and instructors.