Viewing Prices as an Office Admin

This feature is only available to Office Admin users.

To access this feature select the 'Prices' tab on the 'Payments' page. For help accessing this page see Recording & Tracking Pupil Payments.

This provides you with an overview of your schools current prices; including Hourly Rates & Block/Course prices. Your school may not have defined any pre-paid blocks or courses. If so these sections will not be shown.

The layout of the tab is different for the Desktop & Mobile interfaces, but the functionality remains the same.

View Prices - Desktop

View Prices - Desktop

  1. Hourly Lesson Rates - pre-defined hourly rates that your instructors can charge for lessons. See Recording Payments Using the Diary for usage details. 
  2. Pre-paid Block Prices - pre-defined blocks of hours that pupils can buy in advance and use to pay for lessons by the hour. See Pupil Payment Summary - Buying a Block or Course for usage details. 
  3. Course Prices - pre-defined fixed-cost training courses, without a fixed number of hours, that pupils can buy. See Pupil Payment Summary - Buying a Block or Course for usage details. 
  4. Discretionary Discounts - if this message is shown your instructors have been allowed to give discounts to their pupils on discretionary basis. This setting can be controlled by a School Admin.
  5. Public Pricing Information Link - Provides a link to a pricing page for your school accessible to all. Hourly rates, pre-paid blocks and courses marked as public will appear on this page. It is public, can accessed by anyone and is always up to date with your latest prices. You can link to it from your school's website or send it to potential pupils by email.