Import Field Types

Text Field

  • A simple text field.
  • May contain any free-form text.
  • Some fields of this type may have a maximum length restriction - for example 'Address Post Code'.

Email Field

  • A text field which must be valid email address; e.g.
  • Has a maximum length restriction of 100 characters.
  • Fields¬†of this type named 'Login Email' address must also be unique within the app.

True/False Field

  • Must be one of 'true' or 'false'.
  • Case-insensitive.
  • If the field is optional and has not been provided in your data file, the import process will assume a value of 'false'.

Date Field

  • Must be valid date in the form 'DD/MM/YYYY'.

Instructor Field

  • A simple text field.
  • Must match the name of an active instructor already within your school.
  • Case-insensitive.