School Settings

This feature is only available to School Admin users.

To access this feature select the 'School Settings' tab on the 'Payments' page. For help accessing this page see Recording & Tracking Pupil Payments.

School Settings - Desktop

School Settings - Desktop

  1. In-App Card Payments - once set up, allows your administrators and instructors to take card payments directly from pupils as payment for lessons & other items. See Setting Up In-App Card Payments for more details.
  2. Pupil Payment Instructions - This information will be available to pupils when they log in. Accessible via the 'Current Prices' item on their dashboard. You can use this to let your pupils know about additional payment information, such as how they can pay. Please be aware that this information is not stored in a secure manner and therefore you should be careful when entering payment information such as bank account details.
  3. Allow Instructor Override - toggling this will allow instructors to provide their own version of these payment instructions accessible to only their pupils.

Use the 'Save' button to commit your changes.