Recording New Pupil Requests

This page highlights the differences in behaviour when the log adapts to the option chosen in the 'Nature' drop down.


For 'New Pupil' requests the fields will be shown and behave as follows:

Record Contact Log - New Pupil - Desktop

Record Contact Log - New Pupil - Desktop

  1. Nature - in this case 'New Pupil'.
  2. Who - a free-form text box for entering the enquirer's name.
  3. Contacting Party Email Address (optional) - will be used by the 'Messages' tab to automatically populate some fields. 
  4. Contacting Party Mobile Number (optional). 


When you set a log's nature to 'New Pupil', switch to the 'Messages' tab and choose to enter a confirmation message, a body for the message will be automatically inserted.

Contact Log - Confirmation Message Toggle - Desktop

Contact Log - Confirmation Message Toggle - Desktop

You can also manually insert this template using the 'Use A Pre-defined Template' link below the body text editor. See Pre-defined Template Popup for more details.

This message will automatically populate some replacement tokens from...

Information entered on the 'Log' tab (if present):

  • {customername} - populated from the Who field, if entered.

Information from your school's profile:

  • {schoolname} - populated with your school's name.
  • {schooltelephone} - populated with your school's phone number.
  • {schoolemail} - populated with your school's email address.

Information from your profile:

  • {adminname} - your name.

Pupil self sign up link:

View the current system default message template to see how the replacement tokens are used in the context of the message.

If you are a School Admin user you can override this template, see Changing Email & Text Message Templates for details. You should select the category 'Contact Log Message Templates' to find these templates easily.