Receipt Settings

This feature is only available to School Admin users.

To access this feature select the 'Receipt Settings' tab on the 'Payments' page. For help accessing this page see Recording & Tracking Pupil Payments.

Receipts will be generated and sent to users for:

  • Payments made for lessons, block, course & charges by or on behalf of pupils.
  • Payments made by instructors for franchise invoices.

You can customise receipts to suit the needs of your business.

Receipt Settings - Desktop

Receipt Settings - Desktop

  1. Receipt Number Prefix - receipt numbers are automatically generated, but you can customise the prefix for the number.
  2. Company Logo - opens the Image Uploader & Editor tool. This logo will appear at the top of your school's receipts. Defaults to the value from your school's profile (if set).
  3. Office Telephone - school contact details to show on the receipt. Defaults to the values from your school's profile (if set).
  4. Company Name - school/company details to show in the receipt footer. Defaults to the values from your school's profile (if set).
  5. Receipt Notes - notes to show in the footer of your school's receipts. Could be used to communicate information regarding payment by bank transfer etc.
  6. Populate Values from School Profile - automatically populates the fields in points  2 - 5 from your school's profile. This will overwrite any value you have changed since loading the page.
  7. Preview Receipt - shows an example receipt using the values entered in the aforementioned fields. See Receipt Preview for more details. You do not need to save your changes for this to work, so you can ensure everything looks just right before committing your changes. Will open in a separate tab/window, depending on browser settings.

Use the 'Save' button to commit your changes. 

Receipt Preview

Allows you to preview changes you have made to invoice settings before you commit them:

School Receipt Settings - Preview

School Receipt Settings - Preview