Contacting Staff

This feature is only available to School Admin users. Office Admins should see the Contacting Instructors section instead.

To access this feature choose the 'Send a Message/Reminder' option for a staff member in the staff list. For help accessing the staff list see Managing Staff.

You will have choice of options:

Resend Welcome Email to Staff Member

Re-sends the staff member a variation on the original welcome email sent when they were first signed up and gained access to the app. This is useful if their email address was misspelt during initial sign up or they have simply forgotten how to log in.

The message sent differs from the original welcome email in that it does not contain an auto-generated password. If they do not know their password they should use the details contained within the re-sent email to reset their password.

Send Message to Staff Member

A convenient way of sending the staff member an email. This simply launches the popup detailed in Contacting Other Users with the staff member pre-populated as a recipient.